Full service bike repair


Scope of services

We provide ongoing maintenance, wheel building and truing, minor repairs, major repairs, frame prep and alignment, and thread repair. We'll fix a flat, install a rack, un-taco a wheel, replace a derailleur, even un-repair and re-repair your repairs without judgment. We'll happily assemble any bike you bought anywhere, also without judgment. 

Standards and practices

We use Barnett Bicycle Institute procedures and standards, meaning we use torque wrenches on almost everything, we adjust to anticipate wear and component interactions, everything is repeatable and accurate. It's a clean shop, with minimal use of the nastier solvents. 


We stock basic tires, tubes, and parts to get you back on your bike ASAP. But if you're looking for something special we can order just about anything, sometimes delivering the very next day. We're competitive with internet prices,  we're local, and we can offer advice on your specific application and compatibility that you can't get from an Amazon review. Our stock changes according to customer demand, so let us know what you want! But, hey, if you bought it online, no shame in that. Let us make sure it's compatible and installed correctly.

Service Price List

Gratuity gladly accepted in the form of delicious food or foamy beverage.